MO4 Network x Facebook Virtual Reality Incubation Program

We're looking for dreamers who are ready to take their software development into the future for our first-of-a-kind virtual reality incubation program. As the first ever recipients of Facebook's Virtual Reality Grant in the Middle East, MO4 Network invites developers (individuals or teams) from across Egypt to apply for a chance for their VR app idea to become a reality.

Top applicants will be invited to an event at the MO4 Network offices, where you'll get to present your virtual reality application ideas and take part in a mini-hackathon, before we and the RiseUp team make the final selection of teams and/or individuals to be incubated.

Applicants selected for incubation will get four months at our Lab, equipped with top-of-the-line Alienware computers and Gear VR, to complete their app and release it on the app store. With mentorship hours provided by MO4 Network's creative talent (script-writing, game design, marketing, audiovisual production and more), as well as some of the brightest VR pros in the industry, you'll get to build your capacity in the non-technical skills of app creation. Meanwhile, all complete apps will be awarded with up 20,000LE of free digital marketing via MO4Network's social channels and media outlets ( and

Finally, all graduates of MO4 Network's Facebook VR Incubation program will get a chance to present their app to a panel of VR experts and investors at RiseUp 2017.

If you're not selected for incubation - don't worry! There'll be a chance for you to come and experience and experiment with the hardware on our VR Open Days, and hone your skills to apply for the next cycle.

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